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About Us
MAS Communications is a professional provider of live telephone answering services and alternative answering options designed to help you manage and grow your business.

Communication Expectations
Communication is essential to any business, and the daily management of communication has become harder to coordinate with the proliferation of cell phones, voice mail and e-mail. All of these devices were designed to make communication faster and easier, but what they really did was put you on call 24/7.

When your customers call they expect to talk to you or a qualified representative of your business… a real live person. If they can’t get through, they will continue their search for help and solutions by simply making another phone call.

Help For Every Business
So how do you manage these issues when the customer calls? How do you capture these business opportunities if you are a:
One-person operation
Start up company
Small business experiencing growth
Large business trying to manage call center costs

You meet these needs with a well thought-out plan that insures that the customer’s call will always be answered. Our well-trained, professional-staff, is prepared to meet the divergent needs of your company. We offer a comprehensive list of telephone answering services that can be customized to your specific needs.

When The Customer Calls
Does your business involve emergency services? Do you have clients calling with immediate needs? Or are you in a highly competitive industry and tired of missing business opportunities because you can’t stop what you’re doing to answer when the customer calls? MAS Communications has been answering the call since 1967 with custom services, industry-leading technology and energetic staff to meet any communication issue 24/7/365.

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